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dodong flores

Interesting photos here. I love black and white. I am amazed at how you can get inside a classroom and took those shot without causing commotion with those kids, Hahaha...


when i see these classroom photos, can't help but recall my grade school days (and a year of teaching!) great shots!!!


pagamit nung picture mo tungkol sa frog... gagamitin ko pong primary photo sa friendster.. please... thanks.


These pictures and quotes are so wonderful, Sidney. I really like that frog and hawk story, too. :)


a beautiful series of children at work :-) This series makes me think to one of Robert Doisneau!

Ashish Sidapara

Lovely series, 3rd and 4th are just superb!


Less good looking teachers this time. But I'm sure they do a good job, teaching is not about looking good, I guess.


I'm truly knocked out with these shots and the series. Really love the b&w, 'Magnum' on your blog.


The teachers seem a little older than usual. I remember having an old teacher back in high school and she was very strict. I don't want to generalize. Perhaps, the teachers in your series are more understanding and patient than the one I had back then.

I'm hoping this comment will go through this time. Crossing my fingers. :)


Very good photos. By the colorful composition and, obtained with a perfect exhibition, with the difficult thing that it is. Greetings!


I love the little girl resting on the desk!


Great pictures.


I really like the second from the top and the bottom one. They are all excellent though!


i got a little nostalgic when I saw the last 2 pictures... we used to have the same type of desks in kindergarten (that was sooooo long ago!) and the king frog story! you took me down memory lane, teacher Sidney ;)

these are vintage pictures. btw, those teachers are they Miss or Mrs? just asking.


I would be afraid to have these ladies as teachers. I never liked older teachers. They were very strict and were not patient.


That third shot was me at school :) Nice series of images Sydeny.

Sayote Queen

Wonderful shots. I love the 3rd and 4th pic. :) This series is awesome. I love it :)


You have a very nice series of photos here, Sidney. I get the feeling of being present right there in the classroom. Excellent work!


A fine looking classroom. I especially like the shot of the two little girls resting their heads. An interesting moral being taught about King Frog.


very nice series. the old ladies in the classrooms are very touching. i can only imagine wise and educating lessons from them such as the foolish frog :) i remember a very similar sotry taught when i was going to school.

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